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Welcome to the World of Ortus!

Table of Contents

Game Journals

The History of Ortus

The Gods of Ortus

Regions & Important Locations


Adventuring Parties
Name Location Leader Information
The Iron Crows New Torma Samuel Vasidicus A mercenary group with a small district / stronghold within New Torma
Persons of Interest
Name Location Status
Galston Tormaron VII Deceased Former Crown Prince of Vina
Curil Fletcher Deceased Fighter, Proprietor of The Drunken Goat and The Dragon's Roost, Adventuring Companion of Tace
Atuar san Bamku Onoroo (presumed) High Priest of Bamku
Xanishphertes Unknown Black Dragon, Leader of the Legion of Winter, Presumed Dead
Cobaliastos Vasto Ancient Blue Wyrm

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